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How I see Websites

Most Web Developers see websites as a “product”. They see all the Geeky parts about developing a website, and probably bundle it up into a product.. That is very correct, but the only problem is, its only the geeky people who are interested in all the techy stuff . I see a website as a desired end result for a business and I have the Business people in mind.

I think of their Frustrations, challenges, their sales, their profits, their cash floor, their Big Vision, what they want to achieve, and How I can assist them with my services.

There is that one thing that is keeping most business people up at night. It’s always something that matters and they are willing to pay someone to fix it! Depending on the business: it might be a way to help them increase their sales, a system to help their business run more efficiently, or it could be a tool to help their sales team close more deals with less work.

When a developer pays attention to all the above, a website becomes more than just a bunch of pages neatly coded together. It realizes purpose and it becomes a valuable tool that anyone in business will be excited to invest in….

“That is how i see websites”

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George Manyara

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