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WordPress powers over one-third of the world's websites, from small single-page personal blogs to the complex multi-page sites of large companies. WordPress has unique features that makes it the most popular (CMS) content management system in todays use

We understand your budget and accordingly, we create awesome designs either using a ready-made theme customized according to your preference or creating a fully functional new theme from scratch.

Custom wordpress development -Building your website in wordpress does not let you settle for less. We have a solid understanding of the core system and can match your axact specifications at a quick turnaround time. Our high-level development skills let us provide you with a flexible, responsive, fast and reliable hybrid website.

We strongly believe in creating long term partnerships with our clients, we will be with you from the initial consultations to the final product release, and long-term site mantainance, we've got your back from start to finish.

Why you should choose us

  • We help with design planning and free consultation
  • We offer Custom WordPress Development
  • We do content migration into WordPress
  • We do custom WordPress Theme Development
  • We also do site maintenance

  • Your website is the face of your business on the internet. Its compatibility, expandibility, loading time and features will ultimately determine your business' profitability and long-term success online. The most noticable features are the layout and the overal look of the website. At MWDS we work hard to archive this, during the development process, We test every feature for stability and compatibility across different browers.

    Check out some of the things our Custom web development focuses on :

  • Creating a unique look that best matches your brand- Using the same list of templates will make your site look basic and screams zero creativity and uniqueness. Our Custom Development is aimed at setting your brand apart and giving your business that necessary extra edge from your competition. We focus on delievering a tailor-made design that is specially created for your target audience.

  • Flexibility and Ease of use- Custom building your website allows you to experiment (be creative) and accommodate features that gives you a unique identity and enable you to gain more control and independence over navigation.We make designs that are scalable, user-friendly, and can be altered periodically whenever it is required

  • Easy third party intergration- We understand that re-inventing a custom developed website is very expensive. Our custom web dev allows for easy intergration of well established and safe 3rd-party APIs which will cut down the overall development costs.

  • Fast Loading times- Website load time is crucial for your business; it's the difference between landing and losing a client. Custom building your site with us allows you to eliminate unnecessary bloatware and functionality, allowing your site to optimize both the functionality and design for these functions reducing load times and make your website load fast.
  • Almost every small business uses Shopify! For small businesses, Shopify is the way to go. It is user-friendly and cost-effective. For those driven by the growth of their e-commerce business, you will need to add custom solutions for your online store.

    The online market has grown tremendously over the past couple of years; everything can be ordered online by just a click of a button. Our E-commerce custom solutions will offer scalability, flexibility and greater control of your business.

    Our Advanced E-Commerce solutions will allow you to capture a greater share of online revenue while at the same time integrating your existing product or database. We directly integrate your e-commerce custom platform into our content management systems which will make managing your online store efficient and secure.

    For small business owners, Our custom solutions will provide a comprehensive online shopping cart system and integrated product catalog tool that is preconfigured for more straightforward implementation. The website will be customized to your brand identity allowing it to be SEO optimized boosting your rankings on search engines.

    ultimately we have your business at heart and we know how to take your feedback and channel it into an awesome design that will best translate your values, and the beauty of your Brand

    What we can do for you

  • Shopify Website Design
  • Shopify Website Development
  • Theme Customization
  • Custom Plugin Development

  • Over a Billion of searches are conducted online daily. Many people search for specific products and services with intent to pay for them. Our Optimization focuses on How you can get all of this valuable traffic to your site. Getting people to your website is just the start. Once your visitors arrive you want to convert them into customers as quickly and as cheaply as possible. With a long background in web design and seo copywriting, We will be able to make small modifications and changes to your design to help improve conversions, as well as make recommendations for any major changes needed. We keep up to date on the latest industry best practices to make sure you stay ahead of the competition and maximize your ROI.

    What we can do for you

  • Keyword targeting
  • On-page Optimization

  • We do not just rely on our designers gut-feeling - there is a lot of spreadsheet work and grit planning involved.

    We help you to make your website redesigning decision against the crucible of your customers. We test everything in your marketing, Site-wide design styles, Logo, header and tagline, product page templates, landing page design & content, your product or service value proposition statements, lead generation forms, shopping cart and checkout, home page design, eyeflow, merchandising, imagery, copywriting, ads, calls to action, and offers, And everything in-between!

    Our approach - ensures that you get a new site (feel & look) and a conversion rate lift altogether. We focus the entire process on keeping visitors from bouncing off your pages so quickly, making your pages more informative, making your site more visually aligned with your brand, improving your navigation to average more pages per visit and most importanly improving on-site SEO

    Think your site needs a DO OVER? Give us a call, lets get to it..

    Systems development - is the process of defining, designing, testing, and implementing a new software application or program. It could include the internal development of customized systems, the creation of database systems, or the acquisition of third party developed software